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Licensing Terms

How does the STEREO TYPEFACES®  licensing model work?

Our primary focus is to maintain simplicity and transparency: with just three purchasable license types – lifetime licenses, and convenient access to full trial versions of our font products. To determine the suitable license, we use company size based on the number of employees. We find this metric easy to ascertain and well comparable, unlike metrics such as the permitted number of font installations across workstations, monthly website views or the amount of app downloads.

You bundle regular with italic/oblique?

Sure thing! We bundle each regular style with its corresponding italic/oblique variant for a reasonable price. Additionally, you receive a variable font file that incorporates this axis along with it. If an italic or oblique style isn't available yet, you can acquire a single font cut at an even more affordable price.

How to choose the right license?

The initial step in selecting a font license depends on the intended user: you and/or your studio/agency, your client, or both? As long as you're working on behalf of a client, you’re good to go by choosing a desktop license for yourself and your studio. The Desktop License can be employed for an unlimited number of projects and an unlimited duration. However, for the Web License, the size of the company that ultimately uses the font becomes significant, as is the case with our App License.

Here's an example: A design agency comprising 20 employees is engaged to handle print and screen content for a client's campaign. The project includes designing a website for this particular campaign. The client's company has a total of 85 employees.

For this specific task, the agency requires a Desktop License for a maximum of 20 employees (L) for internal use, and a Web License for the client's company with the maximum amount up to 85 employees (XXL). Further information on license types and sizes can be found below.

What various licenses can I select from?

We have three main licensing types:

Opt for the Desktop License to install our fonts on various devices for designing, producing, and editing non-dynamic print and screen content, like posters, (non-trademark) logos, images, books, animations, etc.

Choose our Web License to self-host fonts on one (1) website and showcase dynamic text on a single designated domain, which also covers subdomains. Utilize @font-face technology for accurate embedding.

With our App License, you can smoothly integrate our fonts into a single (1) mobile or web app, a checkout system, an e-publication, or a video game. Separate licenses are required for multiple apps or games.

Which license size do I need?

As mentioned earlier, our licenses are calculated by the amount of employees in your or your clients company.

In our retail shop, you can configure the required license size through the following steps:

(S) 1 – 5 Employees

(M) 6 – 10 Employees

(L) 11 – 20 Employees

(XL) 21 – 50 Employees

(XXL) 51 – 85 Employees

(XXXL) 86 – 100 Employees

For inquiries involving more than 100 employees, please reach out to us at or through our custom request form on our online store.

What if the company size increases in the future?

A license upgrade must be purchased if the licensee exceeds the company size stated in the invoice. The previously acquired licenses will be considered as a discount towards the price of the new licenses. However, this cannot be managed independently by you or your client in our online shop and must be arranged through direct contact with us at

Apart from this, the license fees are one-time charges. There are no subscription fees. For unlimited usage without the need for future license upgrades, the Corporate License Extension listed below is recommended for interested parties.

Student License, what is that? Is it limited?

We offer a special deal for students: Each of our font families, including web and variable files, for only 50 €. This license is applicable as a combined desktop/web license and remains valid for personal and commercial projects throughout and after your studies. So no, it is not limited only to your time in university :). However, please remember that web files are suitable for a single (1) self-hosted website on a designated domain along with subdomains.

By selecting this option, you acknowledge that you are currently enrolled in an educational institution. While we don't require proof at this moment, we might request it in the future.

Unlimited Corporate License?

The Corporate License is valid for unrestricted use, encompassing all the licenses offered on, allowing for diverse applications across various media. There are no restrictions based on company size. Unrestricted usage is not accessible via the retail shop configuration. For inquiries concerning this matter, please get in touch with us directly at

License Extensions? When do I need one?

As we mentioned earlier, we prefer to maintain simplicity, and in the majority of situations, our three main licenses available in our retail shop will suffice.

License extensions are typically only necessary starting from a staff count of 101 or more and must be directly requested. However for distinctive logo design, font customization, trademarking logos, or special branding using our fonts, a Custom License Extension is essential. We also offer these services upon request.

With our Corporate License Extension, all media purposes using the selected typeface are covered, and there are no future limitations in terms of company size. Essentially, this allows for unlimited usage in any manner. This option is not available for configuration in our webshop and is only offered upon request. Please get in touch with us via

For a thorough overview of all license extensions, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for more detailed information. In general, for comprehensive licensing, a direct inquiry is recommended.

Is the duration and spatial usage area of my font license limited?

No, the duration and spatial usage of our font licenses is unlimited.

What are the possibilities with your trial fonts?

The free Trial License enables font testing to assess suitability before making a purchase decision. This license also grants designers the ability to incorporate fonts into educational event presentations or when pitching/tendering to clients.

What discounts do you have?

Students get each of our font families, including web and variable files, for only 50 €. These can be used for personal and commercial projects during and after studies. For more details, please refer to the information above.

We support selected Nonprofits and non-commercial projects with a discount. Please use our custom request form to provide detailed project information.

What types of font files do you offer?

We offer OTF files for desktop apps and WOFF/WOFF2 for websites. We strongly recommend OTF for app development too, to make the most of OpenType features (besides using a variable font file of course ;)). Our TTF file supports variable fonts for diverse typography. It works great with supported desktop software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and in web/app development.

Do you offer custom fonts?

Absolutely! Our services encompass everything from tailor-made logos and altering our font families to crafting an entirely new corporate font. If you're interested in us customizing one of our existing typefaces for you or your client, feel free to use the custom request form in our shop. Alternatively, and for the complete design of a new corporate typeface, you can contact us at

Do you offer exclusive typefaces before an official retail release?

Yes, we do! Through our Beta Program, we offer fully functional fonts ahead of their official webshop launch. By registering for the Beta Program, you can access trial versions for free. However, full licenses are only available upon request. Kindly furnish additional details about your project, along with the desired license type and size. You're welcome to register here.

Can I use your fonts in political or religious contexts?

Using our fonts for religious or political contexts, including campaigns and messages (slogans, claims, logos) by parties or organizations, requires prior agreement. Contact us via our custom request form on our online store.

More questions?

Don’t hesitate reaching out to us. We're here to help you with licensing, custom logos, product extensions, appropriate solutions for your clients' requirements, charity projects, or even just for a casual chat! Contact us at Feedback, no matter the matter, is always welcome as well!

For more details see our
General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
 or contact us directly.